expert mentors, choice of modalities, & many pathways to self-empowerment!

"I was at a cross-roads with many things – nearing 50, much loved children leaving home, a 5 year “forever” relationship ending (not of my choice) and work/career not exciting me. My mind and sense of self was not in a good place ... Vicki E.

Ladies, You are not alone if this sounds like you.

Seeking a new way forward?
Searching to know, love, & understand yourself better?
Or, have you found yourself here because you have been feeling incredibly lost lately?

Welcome to the right spot!

Our Wellness School is an online learning space to discover who you truly are, reunite with your soul's desire, and heal the blocks that are holding you back from living your best life.

Our Wellness Teachers

Leading experts in their field, our wellness teachers are buoyed by genuine desire to help others and share what they know about how to grow better and live your best life. 

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Our Wellness Courses

There are many pathways to wellness in body, mind, heart & soul. Our wellness school aims to offer you a one stop shop where you gain access to experts in various therapies & modalities.

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Our Wellness Coaching

Group or personalised sessions to learn new tools, techniques, & strategies for self awareness, life improvement, and growing happier and healthier in life.

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