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Wellness Coaching is a weekly episode LIVE on Facebook offering an inspirational session with Michele Scott and a special guest each week. It's quickly becoming a one-stop shop for those who haven’t gotten a clue where to start with their personal development and healing.

Michele Scott has a Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing, Certificate of Meditation & Holistic Human Development, and is an accredited Cappfinity Strengths Profile Facilitator.

Michele has a natural ability to uplift and invoke in others ‘Aha’s’ and specific shifts in consciousness that enables them to transform and transcend current blocks and challenges.

Michele is also the founder of OWC and has been studying and practicing Numerology since 2003. This first port of call for her clients provides terrific insight into their personality, purpose, past life fears, and life cycles.

85% of the world's population is affected by low self-esteem. Self-esteem is your overall sense of personal value and self-worth - your opinion of yourself and how you feel about your abilities and limitations.

Fast track to raising your vibe & improving your self esteem!

Take advantage of many FREE resources we have uploaded here for you to increase self-worth and improve your self-esteem. Plus, every week a new LIVE wellness coaching video is uploaded here introducing you to a new modality or therapy for healing, overcoming, and rising up. Beauties, when you are strong at the core of your own life impossible changes to "I'm Possible" and you become empowered and capable of anything you set your mind to. 

Let's take away the wellness confusion and in its place give you easy steps to happiness, improved self worth and how to flourish in life. 


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

tips for self-care

When you become strong & centred at the core of your life anything is possible.

ways to reduce stress & anxiety

Long-term elevated levels of stress can increase the risk for hypertension, heart attack, or stroke.

strategies to improve your mental health

Good mental health aids learning, creativity, productivity, and pro-social behaviour.

proven methods to overcome negative emotions

Poor problem solving ability puts individuals at a higher risk of depression and suicide.

framework for resilience & problem solving

Positive emotions open our minds and facilitate the building and development of skills, abilities, and relationships.

practical steps to reconcile the past and start over

55% of people are languishing! Learn new steps to start over & begin building a better future.

Luanne Mareen is committed to empowering others to live their best lives. She helps women across the globe align with their business through embodying ‘Purpose, Presence, Profit’. Luanne is a Business Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, and leading expert in the field of scientific Hand Analysis. She created Goddess on Purpose to free other women from their imaginary shackles so they too can pursue their desires and dreams. Luanne uses Scientific Hand Analysis to help others discover their life purpose and coaches Spiritual women & Entrepreneurs to Step out and Shine. Connect with Luanne: Website: www.luannemareen.com

Farrah Graham is an Access Certified Facilitator and Self Development Coach.
Farrah shares tools from her emotional toolbox and personal experiences and uses energetic body processes such as the Access Bars with people to assist them in moving forward to remove any blocks, and limitations and help the monkey's negative mind.
Farrah is passionate about empowering others to see the brilliance they truly are. Empower them to trust their awareness and step into their potency and power.
Are you ready to see the possibilities and not the problems, are you ready to see the rightness in you, that you are good enough, that you are BRILLIANT that you are POWER? What if you were not as stuffed up as you think that you are? Connect with Farrah: http://www.farrahgraham.com.au/

 Meagan Goodes is a teacher, author, and healing activator. Her journey began with helping her son overcome separation anxiety when his biological mother passed away unexpectedly.  Meagan says, As a mother and a teacher, I understand the stresses that both roles bring. Over the past 17 years working as a teacher and emotional energy healer, I have seen an increase in stress in society.  I witnessed first-hand how trauma and stress impact families when my son’s birth mother suddenly and tragically passed away.  He became riddled with symptoms of anxiety, which at times was so bad, that I struggled to get him to school or drop him off. This is when I knew I had to embark on a journey to find a solution.  Connect with Meagan: https://mindfulhealingtoolkit.com.au/

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Vicki Erceg
Key Account Manager, NZ


Michele was recommended to me by a work colleague at a time in my life when I was at cross roads with many things – nearing 50, much loved children leaving home, a 5 year “forever” relationship ending (not of my choice) and work career not exciting me.

My mind and sense of self was not in a good place. I did Michele’s positive coaching course via Zoom as I am not a resident of Australia. Every Saturday Michele and I spoke for an hour and I just knew after the first session I had found a perfect coach in Michele.

Michele is so warm, friendly, compassionate and caring but never once allowed me to wallow in my “pain”. She lovingly acknowledged it and then guided me to see things from many different, much more positive angles – every time without fail I came away from our sessions feeling fabulous and on my way to a fantastic new life.

There was a lot of coaching work to complete in between sessions all of which was increasing my sense of self and making me see where I was at as a massive opportunity rather than loss. Like everything in life you will get out of this course what you are prepared to put in and the work you do will at times be challenging however it was life changing for me and I encourage anyone with a sense of wanting to find “you” to complete the course and embrace the work 100%.

As for Michele – what can I say, she is a natural coach, a wonderful caring, compassionate woman who will challenge any negative self- talk you may have going on – I guarantee that after the 6 weeks you will feel fabulous and energized about the new you. Thank you Michele for spending all the time you did with me and I will miss our weekly catch ups – but hey I’m ready to FLY now. xx